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I don’t have FRIENDS

looks like a floccinaucinihilipilificationa comic

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"A big part of the story is lost when it becomes a movie."

a whole lot more is lost if you cut a giant ass hole through it

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If you don’t like musicals, you should remember that Cosette, Miranda Priestley, James Bond, Leonard’s mom, Dr. Erik Selvig, Howard Stark, Molly Weasley and Mr. Darcy sing Abba songs in Greece.

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The most dangerous phrase in the language is, “we’ve always done it this way.”

"Come on, let’s mix it up!" The heart surgeon says.

"B-but we’ve always done it this way!" The other replies, "this is how you replace a heart valve."

"That’s the most dangerous phrase in the human language!" The first surgeon replies haughtily as he inputs a fruit loop into the patient’s heart. "This will be his valve. He will be a fruit loop in a world of Cheerios."

(taken from this post on the experiments of Harry Harlow)

This is serious business, because this is a large part of how sexism, racism, homophobia, rape culture, ethnocentrism, etc. continue to happen.

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The Patriarchy has the Tardis

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I don’t think writers realize that “strong female character” means “well written female character” and not “female character who punches stuff and shoots stuff”

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The Photo of gorecorekitty as Pacific Rim’s Mako Mori has been one of our most popular entries and we’re incredibly excited to bring you even more photos of the copilot of Gypsy Danger!

Photos 1-4 by Manny Llanura
Photo 5 by Jason

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#this is not an exaggeration okay #children do say this #children do wonder why they can’t find themselves in the media #don’t fucking tell me it doesn’t matter #it matters so much #children NEED to see themselves represented #or else they grow up feeling inferior and not worthy

No I have to reblog this again cus I am crying right now look at the dads face

His dad can’t explain to his kid why none of them are black

Okay, I’m not trying to belittle this issue; everyone who is reblogging this for the purposes of social justice should know that this is from the first episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHEILD. The dad is upset because he lost his job and can’t buy his son the toy he wants. He asks him if he wants one and his son says “I’m okay”. He is making that face because yet again he can’t provide for his son the way he wants to.

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